Monday, 27 February 2012


I heard the title track from the new Bruce Springsteen album (Wrecking Balls- a subeditors dream headline) and immediately went and bought a huge KISS flag for the H&T base room in our place to go behind the door. Anything Springsteen has written about New Jersey, culturally speaking, is totally outclassed by KISS's Detroit Rock City 'It's not about taste it's about what tastes good' attitude, even though it doesn't sound as decent and well meaning, or as sanctimonious and, in the end, even sickening.
'Is good better than decent' I heard two girls discuss in the lift today. They were earnestly discussing their feedback. Strangely they looked at me for an answer by level 2. I said, 'He's a nice boy' is always an insult isn't it?' and left them to it. They no doubt realized I was an obtuse twat and ready to report me to the authorities for not answering questions properly.
Same with KISS, I am no Chuck Klosterman (and that guy can WRITE everybody- I recommend 'Sex Drugs and Coco Puffs' to start) but he's a great Kiss fan, and a big Billy Joel fan too. It is very rare to get away with two such obvious FAUX PAS I have to say, but even if he is probably an arsehole, I don't care. He says it because he's telling the truth on his terms. It's very rare and the only good thing still resident in the American Dream. Sometimes you make it by doing just that. This almost never happens in the UK.....apart from Motorhead.
Within this rubric, Stringsteen is an awful ham. When he squeezes his pistons or whatever, it's never as good as when KISS do it.

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