Sunday, 12 February 2012

Danish Modern

What is it about this stuff? Put 'Danish' in front of almost any household object from lamp to chair to breakfast set(?!) and you'll find yourself there, a world of wondrously stylish and correspondingly expensive design created by wunderkind called Jensen or Blobvox when all we could do was the Austin Princess. There's even a children's book 'The Cat who ate Danish Modern'. Why it doesn't work with Norwegian or Swedish I've no idea, something happens at the border. Finland gets over excited about architecture (saunas and top lighting) and rally driving for mental health reasons. The only things I associate with Denmark apart from Danish Modern are cows, lavish social security, pastry and Laudrup. They certainly cornered the market in design, they sort of invented it, certainly patented it.
To be honest a lot of seventies Danish modern is not all it's cracked up to be in the great eBay gold rush. This stuff can easily become a bit Abigail's Party. That breakfast set (check it out) would look stupid in the Premier Inn, however I am presently lurking around the radio above. Being Danish seventies it was designed only to work on FM, my alternative on eBay is a Hacker which now 'only works on FM'. You will spot the crucial difference summing up a whole cultural divide. The first is a sweet exercise in what design might be and the second looks like an antiquated (but comfy) Rover looking for one last run, probably hiccuping on scotch (and that isn't such a bad thing).
Why am I looking for an FM radio? Well it is easily to become convinced of computerized doom. One of the macs conked out and we were scared to death. If such a thing were to happen generally, you'd be wise to reach for your trusty old FM receiver for information regarding the mayhem on the streets, even if the only people broadcasting on FM are those growing their silvery locks to Jethro Tull albums in garden sheds. So for me, if I'm lucky, it may be welcome to Middle Earth via the Danish portal.

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