Sunday, 4 March 2012

Postmodernism in Architecture 1

Found this coaster in a junk shop. The thought bubble went something like 'Ideal for Postmodernism' and 'Looks just like Mum and Dad's' and 'Urghh'. People in general don't think that this is what postmodernism looks like I know, they think that this is really how it is, some quaint country village just like in Midsomer Murders, but Midsomer Murders is only half correct in depicting the horrors of such places. The horrors begin when you actually go there and find the local pub full of half pissed international arms dealers.
People do still crave roses round the door and cottages in the countryside, and it's a bit like Joseph Goebbels craving Tutonic Knights. One's concern, should one dare to voice it, is that this is still the image 100% of Conservative cabinet members have of 'home'. The image is so pervasive it's where we might start in our cultural analysis of anything else 'British', simply because this image of authentic Britain, is to anybody with half a mind entirely fake.
That's why I don't like to use the word fake, we're all too much up to our necks in it to see it.

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