Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lyricists 2

So Big Country prove that Scots should never make rock music about streaming angrily down the glen, but then Simple Minds couldn't write about love without stating that it was not only alive, but certainly kicking. The Northern Irish fared no better when Thin Lizzy wandered off to write crap about the mountains of Mourne. I conclude in general landscapes and rock don't go.
Meanwhile, thinking about crap lyricists, England does very badly with David Coverdale, who managed to make the most ignominious prick of himself singing 'A hard loving woman like you...just needs a hard loving man' (like him) and then flatly contradicting himself by complaining that he'd be a 'fool for your lovin' (hard loving) no more' by the next line. He implies a softer love is required as far as he is concerned, therefore looking a confused wuss. In the meantime Paul Rogers is often fatally inaccurate (this from a man who prides his songwriting as the most enjoyable part of the job). Seagulls flying high in the sky indeed, but who the hell shoots them down? I've never heard of people shooting seagulls but maybe I'm mistaken and it happens all the time.
Anyway, listening to the lyrics of the first Bad Company album, whilst a highly amusing experience in itself, really should inspire you to begin a PhD on the subject of 'how dreadful rock lyrics can be'. But perhaps they're better that way?

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