Monday, 26 March 2012

Fine Artist

'Fine artist- quivering jelly', yeah well that's a phrase that came up while Julie went into repeated hysterics as we bumbled our weekend through me 'making fine art'. I for one don't understand the term fine art in the first place, and it turned out Julie agrees she doesn't either. However I have been making it for years, just very slowly. I understand painting, photography, mixed media and other things you do to make art, but I have no idea what is fine about fine art, so amazing as it is my own work seems to show all the attributes of such a conceptually driven, process ridden and lack of effort activity as 'fine art'. I studied good and hard. The mistake in my own work is of course the joy in it. However, as Seigfried and Roy said laughter is the cure for all sorrow. This is one of my 'Richard Princettes', I won't give the game away about how I do them, but the tale is I studied at the University of Bristol and the architecture studios were through the door centre left.
These pieces are for sale. Prices on application.

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