Sunday, 18 March 2012

DFS sofas

Have you noticed that in the TV advertising for DFS sofas, they are almost always shown in the round, and some of them are round, and some of them actually spin around. They are always shown with space around them, lots of space for children and dogs to run about. Curiously, if you are pressed to spend that little on your sofa, the chances of it sitting 'in the round' in your house is infinitesimally small and getting it in your house might even be a problem in the first place, secondly you probably can't afford a dog as well as the kids.
Have you noticed that the TV advertising for Yacault does not actually say that the stuff is any good for you. I suspect Yacault drinkers in general are the especially paranoid, they are stressed and they worry about ulcers. But the adverts don't say that Yacault will help your potential ulcers at all! That your tummy might like it doesn't mean a thing. My tummy happens to like tumblers of ice laden scotch.

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