Thursday, 29 March 2012

Metallica made Medical

You don't expect medicine to make a hell of a noise, to be a crushing sonic experience. You expect medicine to be calming like tramadol and wind chimes. Even beforehand, the charming nurse said he virtually spent his holidays in there. I wasn't to know, and I wasn't even the one in the big tube, but watching your wife being pulverized like this for an hour or so in the name of a something that sounds(sic) as insignificant as a 'scan' really brought home something. It brought home to me precisely the fact that we were once, according to the best barman I've ever known, a certain Doug Twist of The Peppermill Hotel Casino Reno, Nevada; 'the best road act he'd ever seen'. And now, we were this, my babe stuffed in a tube of excruciating noise for an hour- and they will play you music over headphones- well I say they should hardly play Vivaldi, but Metallica, Metallica made medical.
They have to give you ear plugs to numb the sound even as you sit there watching. You come out numb in more ways than that.

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