Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Cult

I blame this on Planet Rock; Nicky Horne played The Cult, and E-bay; I needed a picture of my old and much loved GPZ. The memories are combined around a spectacular wheelie on Nightingale Lane well into the dark night, during a long weekend spent in nothing but pubs painted red, and an initial starting point of leaving a Polaroid of the lovely girl involved, Emma, wearing nothing but a fur coat, on my desk at the office. The Cult (Sonic Temple) seemed involved quite a bit.
In those days, and I'd like to think still, working and living were still things one might consider as the same thing, at least I'm grateful to Ms Simon Smith and Michael Brooke Architects for thinking so at the time. Because I'd left the entertaining Polaroid, I was not sacked. I was, of course, lucky on many counts.

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