Friday, 23 March 2012


I was lecturing on Vegas today. It's always a bit of an event but I no longer wear the Gram Parson's style garb. One of the good things about Vegas as a subject is that it really should inspire any critic to 'tell the truth' (it being libertarian to the bone). Academicism (or lying for purpose) doesn't really work, and the down side of that is that you can easily court trouble.
For instance, on the subject of 'implants', for I had a photo of 'Josie' (above) up on the screen (and I am forever sorry about the red eye) and I felt Zizek's fourth horseman of the apocalypse (biotechnology) needed an airing, we drifted this way:
'Culturally it is second nature for the Californians to make breast implants. Culturally, it is ridiculous for the French to try'.
This may have been an unfortunate comment, but it sure feels true to me.

(To avoid disappointment, please note Josie has long left being star cocktail waitress of the Oculus Bar in The Venetian LV)

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