Thursday, 15 March 2012

Allman Brothers

Just playing Gregg Allman's 'Midnight Rider'. It chugs along like a fine Harley, and if you've ridden one you'll know how that feels. And because I know you just love my retrogressive memory shit, I will tell you that the Hells Angles really did take me for a pillion ride along the freeway one night outside Seattle because they liked me, and what's more I've only just remembered that. I think these guys look so cool I've just ordered myself a tee shirt from some Californian artist. The Allmans are interesting; Gregg shopped his mates in a drugs bust, which was very uncool indeed, not that I know the circumstances, and two of the Allmans were killed in separate motorcycle accidents at the same crossroads. They are still playing in NY tonight, I heard the drummer on the radio said he's having the time of his life, but wondering which bit of him might pack up next.

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