Monday, 20 August 2012

Direct Line

So Direct Line win on the most irritating insurance advert, but why are they all doing it? In particular Sauvignon girl and lawnmower man ruin my quiet contemplating of Moon Machines or Battlefield Detectives on an infuriatingly regular basis, but then again, those Meercats seem designed to drive me mad, and Go Compare have even been driven to having celebrities blow up their incredibly annoying tenor.
This is like advertising as a mode of cruel teasing. They hope we won't click. They know we hate buying insurance, they know it probably won't cover you for world apocalypse, but they also know we need it, so they distract us by making it very annoying indeed. You don't like it but you don't forget it either, you just hate Alexander Armstrong even more while you shell out. It's the sort of thing that drives you mad at Christmas when people insist on playing Slade, Roy Wood or sadly even The Darkness and insist on you getting in to the spirit of things. However now everybody has girded their loins sufficiently to think that Great Britain is just about the finest place place on earth, you'd have thought such images of the British as total morons who can't say sauvignon and buy lawnmowers without having lawns might upset the ministry for propaganda, except of course, I've forgot, their front of house is Mr Bean.

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