Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Southend Again

We were back in Southend for Julie's birthday. Whilst this is actually a range finding shot for another  shoot which may or may not involve Lambretta owners and burlesque dancers when it's raining, for me this looks a lot more like the cover of the first Little Feat album. It's probably the dungarees, roll over Lowell George.
Apart from the Olympics turning a scene from ET into an Olympic sport with the BMX which was very funny indeed, I did like the mountain biking. That happened just outside Southend. The Austrian team turned up to stay in our guest house. They were most impressive, looking about fifteen years of age, and living on energy bars and muesli. They had a washing machine installed in their transit van, and I thought, how enterprising, I suppose it's a dirty business, until I wondered how they got it to work. Not sure anybody was rigged up for that level of plugging-in in Southend. Anyway one came in seventh, and Julie and I even cheered him on from our arm chairs. Such was the summit of our Olympic fever: 'Cum on you Austrians!!' Never let it be said we didn't watch all the rest of course.
Photo Julie Cook.

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  1. From the (marvellous) musical posts of late, I had genuinely been wondering whether Lowell George or the Dan would make an appearance first. I should have gone to the bookies...