Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Yo Mama 1979

You need a shed or a garage or something to listen to Sheik YerBouti in peace, but lacking such facilities I just wait for Julie to have a night out. To start, I Have Been in You is the worlds most droll sex song. Modernism should always draw you to the obvious. The second, Flakes, is an equally droll exposition on our crappiness. Later there is Dancin' Fool and Jewish Princess ('I'd like a brazen little jewish princess, with titanic tits and sand blasted zits....she can even be poor!!..) It's kinda Randy Newman with power chords. Its so good its beyond listening. BUT, right at the end, comes Yo Mama.
Most of Sheik is recorded live (+ overdubs lots) in London, and Yo Mama is a kind of fuck the neighbours and everybody else sort of blowout of excruciating loveliness. 'Architecture is not a martini' Mies said, 'Art serves understanding, not entertainment!' said his painter friend Max Beckmann. Both would have loved Zappa if they were of another generation or two.
Back at Simon Smith and Michael Brooke Architects in Clapham c1990  we used to play this in the afternoons, Nazar and I drawing extensions for locals with nice bay windows and ambitions to Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.
I listen to this as loud as I possibly can, the Olympics silent on screen. I can't stand the Olympics, just like I couldn't stand those clients, but Simon and Michael were remarkable gods to free spirit. I mean, what other architectural office might start the day to Caravan's Land of Grey and Pink?

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