Wednesday, 15 August 2012

SteelyDan, Rose Darling, 1975

I could play Rose Darling to my mum, to kind of explain what I liked. My mate Barney Wetton - now someplace in Denmark I think- would be in the same kitchen eating the same peanut butter sandwiches and loving the Gang Of Four. We were equally difficult guests at the table. Mum always wanted to turn us to christianity. This one I could play to my mother over that table, on that tiny ITT cassette payer, at least Rose Darlin', and she'd say, 'yes that sounds good'. My mum loves music, and could even do amazing dance routines to Brittany Spears only a few years ago at eighty, it's just there is a bit of a problem with God. For a late adolescent, Throw out Your Gold Teeth is both mystifying and joyous, Chain Lightening even more enticing, Any World.... just sets you on your way. This was the taste of things to come.  Of course Steely Dan became, most wonderously, the drug of choice, allowing a certain appreciation of LA at it's most decadent with Aja and Gaucho, surely the most subversive nice sounding music of all time. Most of this album, opening with Black Friday, is a building on things built before (My Old School and so on) but anticipates things to come, not unlike Van Halen II really. I like emergence records.

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