Sunday, 20 June 2010

Imagine this pyramid upside down, feel the weight of it on the pinnacle that now hits the ground. That is how you can visually clarify yesterdays blog. The England team are just eleven players on the pitch, they are the people 'adding value', above them is a whole industry based on that value. As if you want to worry about it, just think of the workings of a factory, the government, the NHS, a university and you will find the same inverted pyramid. The problem is the weight of that pyramid, the weight of what is basically media, insurance, management, promotion at so on, if it gets too big (and it inevitably gets too big in the system we work in), can only induce, at best neurosis, at worse psychosis, on that tiny group of people actually doing the job.
Meanwhile, take a long look back, England was at the heart of the industrial revolution, and football came with it, 'the working man's ballet'. Now, just like the miners who founded the industrial revolution have become obsolete, the footballers will become obsolete. In 1966, can you imagine the tiny size of this inverted pyramid? Can you visualize the size of it now?

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