Saturday, 26 June 2010

Marx for Beginners

Because I've been reading 'Marx for Beginners' this afternoon (and highly recommended it is too) life once more becomes at once more straight forward, and at once more horrific. For instance, how about a realization that these days, ALL managers are 'marketing managers'. It's true, you are more likely to acknowledged for 'promotion' of your activity that actually doing it. I'm also not sure that the promotion people really have a handle on what they are promoting. However, what is clear is that it is always an 'image'; that most fickle in the pantheon of values. This is almost tantamount to fetish, fetish of course operating on that singularity of interest at the denial of all others. And you know what, the whole edifice is complicit in this, even promoting it, so the promoters, will appoint more promoters. This is not good.

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