Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Time traveling

I was sitting in the 'Trench of Despair' on Saturday. On the big screen they were showing Brazil vs Italy from 1970, they were (unintentionally) playing Mot the Hoople and Marc Bolan and I sported appropriate facial hair, and even my jeans were wide at the hem. Time travel I thought, a veritable Kurt Vonnegut experience. The game was fantastic, and it was a pleasure to return to a time when footballers hardly trained, or even knew what boots were, much less advocated whatever football boots have become. Certainly they were much less swamped in the nationalistic trauma which even included such valuable observations as 'people will drink more' and the lamentable 'Well the question is will there be more domestic violence if England win or if they lose?' on the idiotic news this morning, or sees my supermarket checkout ladies sporting 'Come on England' hats for that matter, perhaps in nervous anticipation. Another Total Theatre is about to play itself out.

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