Wednesday, 22 June 2011


A free day, so obviously I went to meet my own personal horseman of the apocalypse, Scott, in the Misty Mountain. We discussed grave matters. The point about Greece of course, is that it's own population have cottoned on. They know the rich don't pay any tax, and even now, there aren't any staff in the hospitals, and they know any money they are lent (especially billions of it) will have to be paid straight back to the banks with interest (this is what the news doesn't tell you) just as it has all over the world, and you have to with your Visa account. They also know the government, in fact the whole ruling class, is corrupt. If they default in the name of a revolution, others will too, especially those who look over their shoulder's in Africa. That will mean the collapse of the global banking system and the people of Sunbury on Thames will lose everything, spend their last coppers on brown shirts, and start shouting nationalist slogans because they don't know any better. People like us will start shouting for a just socialism. It is the other side of the same coin. In short we will be back in the Weimar Republic growing beans on our balconies and converting our toasters in to guns.

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