Friday, 24 June 2011


My man at the record stand sold me Rattlesnakes. He's very active in the selling stakes. I say it takes me back. 'Read Norman Mailer, or get a new tailor' of course the record is by Lloyd Cole and The Commotions c1984. It turns out to be, in the cultural studies sense, quite a find. It's all smart suits and emotions and epitomizes the period . I was nervous about buying it and had to think about it for a while in The Misty Mountain before returning to the stall to find it again. Did I really want to go back to that floppy haired, black polar necked, negative heeled, love lorn (and beyond) young man who thought this was any good so long ago?
Well I've played 'Are You Ready to be Heartbroken' about twenty seven times this evening. Am I going to 'make my friend guilty about their cynicism'? am I going to be 'tupped full of vitamins on account of seriousness?'
Sometimes, but very occasionally- you have to be very smart to get away with it- there can be great beauty in pretension.

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