Sunday, 12 June 2011

Grand Prix

So it's pissing down for the Canadian Grand Prix and it's stopped and I have to say the TV coverage is more interesting of blokes road sweeping and commentators making it up on the spot and trying to interview George Lucas to talk about making a GP movie and he says:
'Films about sports don't work' than it was when the blasted cars are boringly trailing round the track.
Thanks very much George. Actually 'Grand Prix', the seventies classic is a fabulous film, split screen and all, and one of my favourites on TCM on the ocaisional morning, and Lucas didn't even mention it! Meanwhile it's funny to see pop stars in sunglasses in pouring rain and those chiseled features of racing drivers hanging about. Ambient tele works fine for me. Must be hell for the presenters; 'Just explain to us how much you can see in the rain......etc etc'

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