Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Big Society balls

Having spent a few days not understanding the television except from CNN, and being pretty bewildered by that, I come back to british news. I hear that universities, as part of the 'Big Society' have got to discourage terrorism. Who dreamt that idiocy up...oh.... Terressa May- what a surprise, it may turn out to be that the 'Big Society' is nothing more than an inflated Surrey Women's Institute. It's certainly true they are not particularly interested in free speech, and when difficult issues arise, they always say stuff like 'you are not exactly being helpful' It's funny how this phrase is now the recourse of so many hopeless managers all over the western world. It's not my fucking job to be helpful, it's my job to be critical!
They've also realised that the gaff on tuition fees will increase public spending dramatically for the next fifteen years. Anybody with half a brain had that little lightbulb go off in their heads ages ago. And the TV presenters, always saying of labour critics daring to suggest change to the NHS is ideologically driven, just reduced to nasty hectoring on 'Well what would you do then? ....sneer....sneer'. It's as if they've joined the party too. Bad news all round.

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