Monday, 6 June 2011

Inner Goth

So I came home from Germany and immediately put on the Sisters of Mercy at full blast - go figure. Once I'd dealt with the haunting DLRoth syndrome, I had to deal with equal and opposite Andrew Eldritch side of me. Now the sisters were fucking good, they made the bleak really really real, Floodland in particular - a mixture of totalitarian repression meets savvy sexual incomprehension. I remember on my first trip to Berlin on my CPZ750 back in the late eighties, while my pal Peter was always out for fun, me and his flatmate spent endless hours listening to this thing in awe not having any sex at all, because it seemed this record WAS Berlin (in actual fact it was Hamburg if you know your stuff). I even rode to Hamburg afterwards to catch the ferry home - another story.
There are certain Sisters records that are landmarks:

Dominion/Mother Russia
This Corrosion
Temple of Love

They bring out my inner Goth

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