Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Feeling shitty

Feel shitty today, really shitty. Everybody has the right to feel shitty once in a while. So I'll sit pretending to read 'Beyond Good and Evil' and not watching 'Babestation' interspersed with 'Perry Mason' through the afternoon and feel shitty. I'm sure they will soon outlaw shitty. The line manager will say 'You felt what???' even though everybody knows what shitty is, it's just nobody wants you to feel shitty, nobody wants to acknowledge such a thing (especially Nazi authoritarians - everybody read some Hans Fallada for scary parallels with our own times!) not even after all the noblest minds of the last two thousand five hundred years have thought and thought and thought about feeling shitty.
I shall from now on champion feeling shitty, you students out there, all you have to do is come to me and say 'well I felt shitty' and I'll go 'Fine, join the revolution!' adding 'Well just how shitty do you feel?' which could make for some interesting answers.

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