Thursday, 27 January 2011


So mad is this world that Hackney councillors, in their infinite wisdom, decided last night not to close the existing strip joints on The Shoreditch High St and Hackney Road (phew!) Instead they said that at least in the case of the wonderful White Horse, that they would have to 'reduce the number of doors to the street' and 'put the striptease in the basement'. This is the first time I've come across such a body literally driving other bodies it can't bare to think about underground (although 75% of respondents in their consultation process said 'NO' to their NIL policy on such entertainments). They are clearly morons. This is clearly an illustration of just how stupid our rulers have become, no matter how low on the ladder. So if people declare they don't agree with you, make it impossible for the places to operate with a visit from Health and Safety. I suggested I'd happily mock up the ground floor to the street as a Parisian cafe if they wanted, just to make it look nice, but I'm not sure Sue the landlord could afford the fire escapes.
It's pathetic, really pathetic.

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  1. Of course they're stupid - that's why they're called 'councillors'! I'm a bit surprised they demanded that the striptease should go in the basement; what about their obsession with disabled access?(!)