Sunday, 30 January 2011


I got the funk. Sitting in the Birdcage as usual on a Sunday, content since I'd finally filed my fucking taxes, I stared up at the screen as the SOS Band played 'Just be Good to Me', a long forgotten classicagoogoo. Now you may think of me as a Planet Rock kinda guy, but nobody can resist the FUNK, and it brought an avalanche of memories; Fatback band, Gap Band, Brothers Johnson's 'Strawberry Letter 23', Funkadelic !! (futons, big amp combos in your otherwise empty bedroom, blown speakers after parties) But the best think about FUNK, the funniest thing about FUNK, is that the main lyric in the best funk is the word OWW! Pick any of the classic Johnny Guitar Watson albums and the main lyric is OWW! It's OWW! then OWWW! then Oww! some more, all helping along the funk of course. Saw JGW once, he played for twenty minutes thinking he'd played for two hours (typical for the time) He died on stage in Japan not so long ago, his last words being 'Ain't that a Bitch'. Way to go.

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