Thursday, 13 January 2011

LA Woman

Is The Door's LA Woman the best piece of rock every made? For some of us yes. My old friend friend Sean who these days heads up FAT certainly thinks so, if he comes over, it's always his first request. Alright, personally, I think 'Street Fighting Man' is the best ever record, followed by LA Woman and followed even closer by 'Roadhouse Blues'. Why? We were in Paris a few weeks ago and the hotel was next to Pere Lachaise cemetery where big Jimbo is interned. You mooch around in the cold on the hill and follow the crowd to find the tiny spot, it is almost instinctive. Even now, Morrison's grave flocks with fairly daft folks chucking him cigarettes and generally being lack lustre. However, Morrison was something extremely special in Rock 'n' Roll, mainly for he fact he clearly anticipated his own death. Listen to LA Woman and you can't hear anything else, he's jousting with it, it is really the last dance, and that, my friends is one hell of an art.

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