Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Still feeling shitty

Maybe it's the nasty little rash on my foot or reading Nietzsche, or watching too many documentaries on Bomber Command, but I'm still feeling shitty. Tomorrow however I must return to the cradle of knowledge and review First Year projects on the Villa Shodan, the Maison de Verre and the Villa Mairea. Well the first is the result of years of 'patient research' and is probably consummate, but also possibly uninhabitable, the second is definitively the result of severe psychosis on the part of both client and architect and is absolutely uninhabitable unless you are in a film by Roman Polanski, and the third is probably the result of feeling fairly shitty as the Finnish do most of the time and probably quite nice to live in with the appropriate triple filtered accessories.
Judging by the essays I was reading between times yesterday, the students are feeling pretty shitty too, and this is encouraging. It is clear that for the most part, they find it unbearable that they are not allowed to understand what's really going on. Fuck it takes a long time and I tell you you are no better off at fifty than at twenty, however, somehow, the long effort brings rewards. For instance, in reading Nietzsche with some pleasure wearing the world's fluffiest dressing gown with a bracing glass of brandy and lemonade in the morning. That isn't bad. It's better than being Bill Oddie or Tony Robinson.

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