Friday, 14 January 2011


When you wake up in the bleary morning thinking of specialist Mastermind subjects to fox the nation such as 'The Nuances of Smoked Eel', 'Cloud Formations I View Through My Window' and 'My Dreams' you know you are on the edge of unhinged. However I tend to like the slightly unhinged. It's probably why I hate the 'crit' system employed by schools of architecture. It's probably why I love great art. But the spectacle of four or more 'academics' appearing to find consensus and legitimation in front of some innocent soul could only, as a thinking man, send you to the edge of madness. There is a touch of bullying about it, about the very situation, and that is the opposite of the acquisition of knowledge, which by definition is the signposting of individuals in pursuit comprehension amidst almost irreconcilable difficulty.

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