Friday, 21 January 2011

Side Effects

The steroids are not so great either, at least in their side effects. Julie informed me in the pub that she had read the small print (which of course I would never read) and they include 'suicidal tendencies' and from my own point of view I'm not looking forward to my third sleepless night of thrashing around in the midst of no doubt ball healing but mental trauma between 3 and 9am, seeing my whole life before me played out like some kind of Terry Gilliam cartoon, and waking only to sleep till noon . It's like taking LSD, including the insects.
Meanwhile, in the day, when the bastard stuff hasn't yet kicked in brain wise, you sit in your dressing gown scrutinizing the amazing activity of your balls, which suddenly become alive with a mind of their own. If you stare at them they shrink like some kind of sea creature, and glance away and they are back having a party. I've never seen anything like it. Eventually, your balls shrink from grapefruit to wallnuts. I don't know where I am with them.
However, put Scott's brilliant drawing framed up on the wall today, and such art brings solace. Something has to.

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