Sunday, 13 March 2011

Buy a Dualit

I fixed the toaster today, no I refurbished the toaster today, totally, on the dining table. You can do this with Dualit toasters. Ours is ancient, it was second or even third hand when we bought it pretty cheap off e-bay years ago, but it was finally time for me to get to work to get it to work all beautiful again. £36 for 5 new elements and assurances it would take me just 20 minutes. Well it took me two and a half hours. I didn't realize the lovely old thing was just a bunch of meccano with tiny pieces. The table became quite a work bench, and Julie and I went through much agony with those tiny bits. However, my satisfaction, our satisfaction, at having completed the task, with no tiny bits left over, utilizing I suspect all of the patience I used to employ making tiny models of B29's, Mustangs, and Napoleonic curasiers came in to good stead, along with Julie's brute force.
I'm sure Dualit toasters are good for the world.

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