Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I've just been putting together my Las Vegas history for the third year. It was a bit of a sentimental experience. Here's me in Vegas sometime in the nineties and times have certainly changed since then. I was lucky to witness and document a particular period in the history of the place, but the pace of change has of course accelerated since then, that is the logic of capitalism. The corporations which were in their infancy when I first arrived in Vegas are now monolithic. Capital follows capital, that is the logic of capitalism, it always has to make more money. I hear, for instance, The Venetian Macao now bundles away $70bn a month, I note that one employee of Barclays Bank is making off (in one way or another) with £40m for the year. As a Chinese money laundering operation the Venetian Macao is now just a more advanced version of The Stardust or any of the other 'mob' orientated Vegas joints of the sixties. What the Barclays man can possibly do with his £40m is a big question. I'd quite like him to donate it to educational purposes, so that we can all get to understand how he made such a scam on the rest of us.
In the mean time, back then, it was a hell of a lot of fun.

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