Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dreaming of a russet apple

Fresh from a day reviewing more flying saucers around Uranus and more bollocks from Bohemia, fresh from such such delights as the expression that the 'site was bombed in the fifties' I sink into my chair with a large one to enjoy 'The Desert Fox' once again. All I need is a russet apple. My god, not knowing when WW2 was! That's a new one. meanwhile the others were championing houses for basketball stars with their round beds (apparently they all have them, but how exactly do you 'use' a round bed- is the idea to lie around it in segments? And where do you buy the sheets?) and Mickey Mouse shaped swimming pools, and a room for shoes even in some poxy site in London Bridge and I thought 'Christ this is the end of the world!'
When I was into 'popular architecture' it was a search for the truth. Maybe it's caught up with me.

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