Saturday, 26 March 2011


The hamsters run around a lot, especially between the hours of 11am and 7am, which is when, according to the notices, they are supposed to be silent. We had a room full of them last night, bloody party central that's cell No9. Still, they are quite charming, the hamsters, some of them are photoshooting this morning, with local 'models' who look barely more than twelve years old and they are all trying to look terribly grown up wearing space alien costumes and doing make-up and all the rest of it and listening to 'Love Metal'. They are extremely attractive, the Finnish models and what with them and the snow and the hamsters brandishing their cameras, make one feel EXTREMELY OLD. In fact I feel as ancient at Alvar Aalto, who by the way, was pretty damn good. Not that he was heroic or anything, but if want a decent National Pensions Institute, he was your man. And by comparison, Steven Holl is an arsehole, his contemporary art museum is just balls- modeled on some concept of mind and eye, he simply demonstrates that you do not need concepts involving bits of mind and eye, Aalto did not need concepts, he was just good.

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