Wednesday, 2 March 2011


The bus driver said 'Haven't you got a Freedom Pass?' and I smiled. The disguise is certainly working, it's added at least fifteen years! Of course freedom is relative, intellectuals think of it as something rather abstract, industry bosses think of it as something that allows them to charge and pay what they like in a free market, and the employees think freedom is being able to subsist. It's good to think about the difference, for it's been worrying us for the last 300 years at least.
Those 300 years represent nothing if not a grand narrative of human endeavour and sacrifice, it is a shame that;
1) This endeavour and sacrifice is almost unintelligible to anybody who even watches television and let alone reads the Sun for knowledge, and especially the youth of today, who I will continue to cajole in the spirit of the ongoing revolution.
2) Remains something parsimoniously honored by those who are unaware that their fear of death, our cultural fear of death, manifested in Wooton Fucking Bassett especially. It appears one person dying for us in Afganistan is a disaster of extraordinary proportions, well yes, but when you consider the 700,000 young Russians who died at Stalingrad alone, you're fucked arn't you.

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