Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I've just looked at the 'stats' for this blog, and really, I shouldn't give a fuck, but while Sam Jacob's (Strange Harvest) readers no doubt skyrocket to oblivion as he gigs around the world not knowing what he's doing my musings on Dualit toasters are bound to be less interesting (partly because you probably don't have one- if my readership was exclusively fifty year old females with kids and difficulties and Dualit toasters who remembered Paul as..... it might be different). Anyway, next week I'm in FINLAND and the week or so after recovering in GUERNSEY in a hotel with nothing but a bar and a beach (nothing else). I'm sure there will be top stories to tell from both. Should you worry about your readership? To be honest this is a real crisis for everybody, but it's only the young who don't realize that is how the system works, and it is only the young who can capitalize on not caring. It is funny to 'watch oneself' now I'm older, and a blog is a most intricate way of watching oneself. I bought a grouse hunting hat on Sunday from the most ludicrous of contemporary environments, Columbia Rd, makes me look like something out of Bill and Ben and the Flower Pot men, but it's cute and gets comments from nice girls in the lift at the university, and, naturally, I'm always in search of the Famous Grouse. I hope people get the relation.

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