Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fuck You Murdoch

That bag of shit the News of the World has closed. Spirits lift: Van Halen's Jump goes on the system loud. Those guys were genuine. I do the washing up, clearing up the house just as you should at such news. I just hope my neighbours understand that playing 'Drop Dead Legs' at high volume represents pure Marxist Leninist political exuberance (However I doubt it , they are already pissed off with the other neighbours praying to Allah.)
This is great news, the closing of a shit newspaper, and don't be daft I know it will be replaced by more shit news and 'we are all just pissing in the wind' (Neil Young On The Beach Ambulance Blues- fabulous) but just give me that moment to say 'Fuck You Murdoch'. He must have realized he had one hell of a fire in the hole.

Postscript: It is interesting that the banks were too big to fail, and now the media is too big to fail. Despite widespread understanding that illegal practices have been almost universal in both cases. Perhaps that's because it is the only way to make money as we crawl toward the end of times. To be frank it makes the Borghias look like Everybody Loves Raymond, it makes Watergate look like some kind of minor classroom prank. Here we have the press, the politicians, the police, all in it up to their necks, it is absolute corruption as a way of life, it is sordid and miserable. It makes Bellousconi look righteous. The scum has risen to the top, largely because the public wanted them to, they bought the newspapers, they voted in the politicians, they believe the judiciary, they think the police are good, they will turn a blind eye to everything as long as there are 99p fish fingers in Iceland.
But I'm not going to let it get me down, but if Mr Milliband had any balls, he could have these people.

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  1. So Right

    Oh you're so fucking right. So absolutely stone dead, jack-up, voodoo chile, Alan Ginsberg's America, correct. With the outing of NOTW, a press pool/cesspool of pious sentimentality and abject doggerel has been laid bare. Lies, criminal acts and downright inhumanity, wagered for money and power. The yellow press is running into the arms of corporate venal indifference in the form of the principle state institutions: the police, the judiciary, parliament, commerce, banking, the church. Only the contradictions in a system, too calculating to exercise absolute totalitarianism, make it difficult for the public face of power to welcome the devil incarnate back into the fold. But then don't we 'the people' (puke) condone, by default, all inhuman corporate amoral abstractions, if we are willing to accede to institutionalized indifference by refusing to refuse.
    Everybody knows the ship is sinking!
    Everybody knows the captain lied!

    Kevin Rhowbotham