Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wheeler Dealers

OK, so why do I find Wheeler Dealers interesting. Well for one, in this realm of invisible technology, the tall guy fixes cars up like you would like to yourself - it's nostalgic. Unlikely as it might sound, I have stripped engines and stuff, I've run my own motorcycles and fixed them in very strange circumstances in very strange places I can hardly remember, so it certainly appeals to me. It is a youthful thing to do, strip an engine or whatever, put it together again, ride off in to the sunset. Second, the cars are de-mystified in the process, you get to the essentials of the value of the car. But what is the value of the car? That's why you need the little guy; because the car has to be sold for a profit, so the balance between use and exchange value is somewhat volatile, and the little guy is just interested in the money and enthusiastic about the cars at the same time- the balance has to be struck- you love it and you have to sell it- a dichotomy perhaps. A happy ending is he loves the car and he also sells it. That's NOT what car/bike fans do. So you the viewer are the beneficiary here- at least in prospect. And they don't charge in the labour- they do it for love.

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