Wednesday, 6 July 2011

William and Kate balls

Snapped to attention last night as the news, with yet another fawning report on the Royals in Canada, expressed the notion that they might 'be going off to investigate by themselves' in a canoe. The pleasurable thought of an upturned canoe floating empty across some vast expanse of unforgiving water floated straight in to our minds.
I used to know a News International journalist, he went mad and started throwing chairs out of windows after a couple of afternoon Holstein Pils, ended up in hospital with a whole gamut of crises. Terribly nice chap.
Just the image of Tony Blair kissing Rebecca Brookes on both cheeks made my skin crawl. Cameron is no better, up to his neck in it if you ask me. Somebody did, a nice boy who came round for advice about choosing a university, well not just that, even a course. I suggested PPE, but I think he'll plump for journalism. Of course journalists are all shits and politicians are no better according to him, but he seemed to relish the challenge. Thankfully some people still do.

Photo of girl 'nooing' with the nice arse from ''. A cautionary tale (quite amusing) of a couple from Richmond or somewhere like that.

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