Thursday, 14 July 2011


Faster than I thought, we return to medievilism; the clean are dirty, the dirty are virtuous. Back then, the saints were filthy. Evil monsters lived in the sea, so cleanliness in general was suspicious. After another meeting today I can see it right before my eyes, those in the smart suits are those leading the charge to ruin everything in the name of all ducks set in the line, a corrupt line of course, but one that puts up a good face. Of course this has been happening for ages, and I'm thankful architectural departments in universities are most suspicious of such types, most resilient, seeing as all students and staff in architecture know it's best run on dirt. But it's going to very very hard to preserve this heritage.
On recovery from that meeting, I met a 'ducks in a line' merchant in the White Horse. Must be a decent chap because he was drinking himself sensible. He told me a few stories, all confidential of course, like the one about the 'dreamweaver' hired from California (where else?) for £7,000 a day by a government department, to well, facilitate 'well being'. When I come across these people and these figures, I know I'm a poor dirty wretch for sure.
And as I watch, over and over, the latest News Corp news, I realize moral indignation, the only emotion brought to the table, is not much of a tool to operate with. It should be Zizek and Badiou up there, scoffing at such 'moral indignation' and telling us exactly how it is- that a society gets what it deserves, that the system is bankrupt, not the bank, not the media company, not the country.

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