Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Salad Days are Over

I'm not sure how the term 'salad days' came about, but I can tell you that I fear as far as this correspondent is concerned, they're over. Academic meetings are never good for Paul kind, never ever, and this time came the realization that despite having grown up to write about little than sitting in pub and other amusements in the everyday realm of life, and believing my new boss supported such activities to the hilt, there may be a requirement for me to go backwards and write an 'academic paper'. I'll have to look on my cv to work out when I last wrote an academic paper. I wasn't much impressed by them and soon moved on to more interesting and less box ticking genres (writing for books/magazines) until I got pissed off with them as well and ended up being far too tempted by episodes of 'Wheeler Dealers' (Bond Bug today- COOL!!) and a good afternoon snooze/read with the classics to hand and, I guess, this little enterprise of blogging and the little books Julie and I publish ourselves. Bugger it. The machine flexes it's muscles once more.
At the end of my academic paper writing career I would simply have written a paper on 'Wheeler Dealers' itself, in fact I wrote quite a good paper on why architectural education is (while wonderful) essentially a waste of time in the most profound sense. But I can't go back to that. I suppose I could write about the perfect bacon sandwich.

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