Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Murdoch as Faust

Rupert Murdoch reminds me of my father. Watching him this afternoon, of course frail, but still thumping his hand on the desk continually, almost like he had some nervous affliction, not pretty, but you see, he's old, but when guys like him are old they don't stop, they get worse! His appearance told me that this is what he does on a day to day basis to everybody he encounters- thump the desk-still extolling his innocence, his righteousness, his roots, his belief, to everyone. There could be no better contemporary incarnation of a Faustian figure. Faustian figures need to read the story of Faust.
My father has never read a book as far as I know, I figure Rupert Murdoch has only ever read a newspaper. This indeed was 'his most humbling moment' but when your interest in the News of the World only counts for 1% of your empire, don't try and tell me you are not a total bastard when you peddle shit like Fox News.
So they all roll over as best they can, leaving the forensics to chase the real tale. It could be the real tale is something that most of us know but would rather not say, that the whole business is rotten to the core. If it is, and perhaps it has always been, only the radical perpetuation of an ideal of truth beyond what people 'believe' will suffice to draw us out of it, and it will be a planetary truth way beyond the contingences of present political shit.

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